Bomboniere Nets


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Round or square nets, colours and styles as listed. Various amounts in packets as shown. Suitable for bombonieres or other crafts eg dressing dolly pegs,decorations. Sold as complete packets.

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Burgundy Lurex, Coloured Edge/ Irr Lilac, Coloured Edge/Blue, Coloured Edge/Burgundy, Coloured Edge/Gold/Gold, Coloured Edge/Ivory/Gold, Coloured Edge/Pink, Ivory Lurex, Lace Net/White, Lattice Net/ Pink, Lattice Net/Burgundy,Gold, Lattice Net/Ivory, Lattice Net/Navy,Gold, Lilac Lurex, Mars Lace/ Pink, Mars Lace/Gold, Mars Lace/Red, Red Lurex, Royal Blue Lurex, Square Crystal/Blue, Square Crystal/Gold, Square Crystal/Lilac, Square Crystal/Pink, Square Glitter Line/ Fucshia, Square Glitter Line/Brown, Square Glitter Line/Pink, Square Glitter Lines/Black, Suqare Glitter LIne/Black, Zig Zag Lace/Ivory, Zig Zag Shadow/ Blue, Zig Zag Shadow/ Purple, Zig Zag Shadow/Burgundy, Zig Zag Shadow/Gold, Zig Zag Shadow/Green, Zig Zag Shadow/Royal Blue


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